How a clean office can attract and retain the best staff

If you are an employer, this is one of those things that may surprise you: a clean office has a genuine impact on the quality of individuals that your business attracts as employees.

Let’s say you have just arrived at a company’s HQ for your job interview. When you walk into the interviewer’s office, you can see the bin is overflowing, the surfaces and carpets look mucky from years worth of abuse. You don’t want to form a bad first impression so you ignore it, justifying that it is a very busy company. Until you get a tour of the premises, when it soon becomes clear that the lack of upkeep spreads throughout the building. Being a person who likes things tidy and organized, this isn’t quite what you were hoping for.

It’s these kinds of things that can tarnish a company’s reputation and image. Over everything else, 87% of employees want a company ‘that truly cares about the well-being of its employees‘. When office floor carpets are soiled, toilets are dirty, and a company cannot be bothered to bring in professional cleaners, the carelessness can impact staff productivity. Job candidates will start wondering how much the company values their employees and their health and happiness.

A clean office & work environment put people at ease and tidyness is key to efficiency.

Now picture the opposite: A company which benefits from Cleanific’s proper daily office cleaning service. A company with clean carpets, with sanitised bathrooms and emptied bins on a regular basis. On top of all this, the office smells fresh, giving you a great feeling about who you’ll be working for. Better still, no one is troubled by the sound of vacuum cleaners, because the office cleaning team is getting things sorted out efficiently before the staff arrives in the morning, allowing them come to an office that is reliably clean, each and every week.

A well maintained office space not only keeps the current workforce happy; when prospective staff sees a clean work environment they are more likely to take a job with the employer, which means your company will be able to choose and keep only the best candidates.

The importance of a clean office cannot be overestimated. It affects the quality of work, the impressions of clients, and the health of employees. You’re selling the company as a whole so make sure you’re represented in the best light! Cleanific is here to help. Office cleaning is one of the many services we provide. Please click here to learn more about us and our services – no job is too big or too small for us. Contact us online today!