Simple solutions to improve your company’s internal marketing

So much time is spent trying to push marketing out the door, it can be easy to lose focus on one of a company’s biggest customers, the employees.

Just as we want consumers and businesses to buy into our service or product offering, we want our staff to have that same buy-in. This is obviously important because, if employees are happy and motivated, and have a positive image of the organization they work for, such image afterwards will be transferred to the exterior, creating a better experience and a favorable opinion in the external client. This is internal marketing.

Internal Marketing: Employee well-being is one of the keys to success and it needs to be addressed.

This is not to say companies don’t desire happy and appreciated employees. In general, they do, and they demonstrate that appreciation in various ways. Sometimes it comes in the form of compensation or awards. Maybe they buy a lunch now and then or hold an event, like an end of the year holiday party. These types of activities are generally well received and show employees you appreciate them, but does it show them they are a meaningful part of the organization? Probably not.

To accomplish this, you need a strategy; and you might be surprised to learn this marries well with marketing. Why? Because marketing is concerned with the well-being of the brand. The employees are a logical extension of that relationship.

The Employee Environment:

Start by taking a look around. What is the daily environmental experience for your employees? Identify specific areas and determine what’s working and where to improve.

Work stations: Cubes or not, an employee’s work-space is their home away from home. It’s cleanliness and functionality allows them to be more productive. Encourage some personalisation to create unique functionality: this will translate to better productivity.

Kitchens: If you are not part of a business park and don’t have the benefit of a large, corporate eatery, chances are you have an employee kitchen. For employees, this is a place to eat, talk and generally decompress for a little while. A clean, properly fitted kitchen makes for an enjoyable break. Provide plenty of room for meals and a place to wash up. Keep it well stocked. Free Wi-Fi and a television are always a good thing.

Bathrooms: Most employees will visit the bathroom at least once, if not twice a day. How many times have you entered a shop or restaurant and left it shortly due to its chaotic looks or unclean facilities? This is exactly the case with your company’s employess. Keeping bathrooms clean and smelling fresh seems obvious, but an unclean facility can have long lasting effects on employee satisfaction.

The office space: The office is a place where your employees spend considerable time, when office floor carpets are soiled, bins are overflowing and a company cannot be bothered to bring in professional cleaners, employees will start wondering how much the company values them, so in addition to tasteful decoration and a functional space, make an effort to apply slow, consistent change to your offices, such as daily office cleaning. This lets employees know you value their health and happiness.

These are small things that you can implement into your office easily and they will make a big difference to the wellbeing of your employees and consequently, your company’s internal marketing.

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